Learn to Can....

With Easy Home Canning Recipes!

Are you wanting to learn how to can? I can help you! Here you'll find delicious home canning recipes as well as easy to understand canning instructions.

Canning food is easier than you think, which was good news for us when we started. There are enormous benefits to canning food that are worth experiencing. I love our homemade jams and pie fillings. Don't let the fear of the un-known keep you from the joys of canning!

Where would you like to start?

Would you like to learn how to make your own jams and jellies?

How about learn how to start canning fruits?

Discover the fun of canning vegetables.

Try your hand at canning meats!

You'll also need some canning equipment, like a water bath canner.

See my step-by-step instructions forcanning food!


Finding good home canning recipes...

...can be difficult. There are literally thousands of them on the internet for almost any kind of food. Which to choose?

I've tried to make that decision easy for you by gathering our favorite recipes for you to use. They have all been family-tested and given a hearty "thumbs up"; so all you have to do is try them and discover the delicious results. From vegetables to fruits, to pie fillings to relishes, you'll find a large selection of delicious home canning recipes right at your fingertips.

Reaping the benefits

The benefits to canning your own food are enormous. For one thing, you know what's going into your food - no more reading the labels of canned goods at the store. Commercially canned foods contain a number of yucky preservatives and chemicals that are unhealthy in the long run, and this is easily avoided by simply canning food at home.

And obviously, home canned foods make great gifts for friends and neighbors. Most people are thrilled to receive decorative jars of jam....that you canned!

Just do it

The best way to learn is to just do it. Explore my website and find the information you're looking for. Canning food is great fun...I hope you'll love it as much as we do. Just do it!

Yes You Can!
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