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canning lids

Canning lids - there are so many different choices! Maybe your mind was whirling as you looked at the stand of canning supplies at your local grocery store, and you didn't know what to buy.

Never fear; each size and type of canning lid has a specific purpose. You will soon know exactly what they are and which ones you need to buy.

Different Sizes

For starters, there are two different lid sizes. There are wide mouth lids and narrow mouth lids. Two simple choices. This is because the mouths of canning jars come in two different sizes as well - the wide mouth and the narrow mouth.

The mouth of the jar is how wide it is at the top. Wide mouth jars have a diameter of about 3 1/8 inches, while the narrow mouth jars are about about 2 3/8 inch in diameter. Narrow mouth jars are more commonly used; so they are often referred to as the "standard size".

If you're still left wondering what size you should use...let us reassure you that it doesn't matter. There is not a "better" size; both are perfectly fine and totally safe. We do prefer the wide mouth jars if they're available, simply because they are easier to work with. Since they have such a wide mouth, it is easier to pack pickles, green beans, etc. in them.

Re-using Canning Lids

The age old question, "Can I re-use my canning lids?" has always been answered with a resounding no. And rightly so; it can be dangerous. Metal canning lids are created for a one-time use; so using them twice or more can often result in a failure to seal properly, or at all.

Now, let's be clear here: you can re-use the rings, also called bands, rims, or screw-caps. These may be used as many times as you want, since their only purpose is to hold the lid in place as it is being processed.

canning lids

But now there is a lid that you can re-use - over and over and over again!

The Tattler Re-usable Lids offer rubber lids that will last indefinitely. They are dishwasher safe and FDA approved; BPA free and very cost-effective. These lids can be used for both water bath canning and pressure canning, and since they are rubber, they can be scalded in steaming water, which metal lids are pretty sensitive to.

Plastic Storage Lids

Ever wondered how to store a jam-in-process? You know, when your jar of homemade jam is half empty and in the fridge? The metal lids and bands get sticky and just don't cut it.

Plastic storage lids provide a great alternative to this problem. We find these lids to be absolutely invaluable when it comes to canned foods "in process". canning lids

Of course, these lids cannot be used for canning, because they are plastic, but they are terrific for jars in the fridge. These lids come in both the wide mouth and narrow mouth variety, so you can use them for whatever size you need.

These lids can be used for storing pretty much anything - we use them to store fresh goat milk in; you could store craft supplies, buttons, coins, or anything else you like.

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