Food Preservation Methods:

Cold Pack Canning

Within the world of food preservation methods, there are two main canning methods: cold pack canning and raw pack canning. What is the difference? These are pretty important terms that you need to get familiar with.

food preservation methods

Cold pack canning: The definition of coldpack canning is basically canning raw food. Meaning you don't cook the food prior to canning it. This method is perhaps more often referred to as raw pack canning.

Hot pack canning: I'm sure the definition is obvious here, right?! Hot pack canning is the process of canning food that has already been cooked. The exact opposite of cold pack canning.

You may be wondering "how do I know which method to use?

Well, your recipe will always tell you. Sometimes it will let you know that you have the option of doing one or the other. For example, when you are canning meats, you can choose weither or not you want to cold pack or hot pack. It all depends on your preference. As you do more canning and learn more about canning food in general, you will have more experience and knowledge to be able to make these kinds of decisions.

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