Freezing Foods:

Another Way to Preserve

Freezing foods is a great alternative (or addition!) to canning. It's slightly easier, so if canning seems too daunting at first, you may want to try freezing.

The fact is, although canning has plenty of rewards to outweigh the efforts, it's still a lot of work and may not be for everyone. But you can still preserve food! One of the reasons I like freezing foods is because it's easy. The process will vary depending on the food you're trying to freeze, but for the most part, it's as simple as sticking the food in a freezer bag and freezing it!

Okay, maybe that's oversimplifying things a bit. There is more to it than that. But still, it's quick and easy.

Why Freeze?

freezing foods

You may be wondering why you should freeze at all. Why not just buy what you need and then go buy more when you're out? Why stock up?

The answer is simple: you can save a great deal of money by freezing. When strawberries, for example, are on sale, rather than buying enough for the week, buy several cartons (more than you can eat) and freeze the berries when you get home. That way, when srawberries aren't on sale, you still have a nice supply. When you buy on sale, in bulk, you will always save money.

Another reason freezing foods is such a good idea? Think practically here. If you have a big garden (like me!) than you're bound to have more produce than you can eat at some point. It always happens. If you only have a handful of something and don't want to hassle with getting out the canner, freezing is very convenient!

One more very important reason - taste. Really, it's true: there are some foods that taste better frozen. I am not a fan of canned corn (or peas!), so freezing these veggies is a great idea.

Convinced Yet?

If you're ready and excited to start freezing, then check out the list of frozen food links below. This page is still under construction, so keep checking back as I add more how-to links!

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How Long Will Frozen Food Last?

You may be wondering just how long of a shelf life your frozen food has. Why go to all the trouble of freezing it if it might go bad?

The good news is, no food that is frozen can ever really go bad. Freezing is a method of preserving. You will not get sick from "old" freezer food.

freezing foods

However, just like canned foods, frozen foods do have a shelf life; but this pertains to quality and freshness, not safety. Frozen food will stay safe to eat indefinitely.

Here is a chart that may help you determine the shelf life of certain freezer foods:

freezing foods